The will of Sarah Lane [Unknown-587539, L8W4-MR5] of 2 Jun 1781 references a number of members of her family, and is a key to figuring out that part of the tree. This is a note of the relatives mentioned and the conclusions that can be drawn from them.

Thomas Lane

The will mentions Thomas Lane several times, but doesn't give a relationship. This could be a son that I don't let know about, or her grandson [Lane-16036, GCQG-921], or possibly (but very unlikely) even her great grandson [Lane-15977, MZKD-PDS]. It's difficult to draw any particular conclusions from this.

The Children of Walter Corbett

The will references "my grandchildren Thomas Corbett, Ann Corbett and Sarah Corbett, son and daughters of Walter Corbett". Cross-referencing with baptism records shows that the father is Walter Corbett [Corbett-4381, LH38-Y5S] and the mother is called Sarah.

Walter Corbett and Sarah Lane [Lane-17610, MKMZ-QHG] were married in Sheldon on 2 February 1748 (year beginning 25 March) – although this is some distance from Wednesfield, it's the only matching marriage record.

Catherine Wood

The will references "my granddaughter Catharine Wood daughter of John Wood of London yeoman". It's unclear who Catharine's mother was – I can't find a baptism or a marriage record that would match.

Grant of Administration of Walter Lane (1730)

Walter Lane [Lane-17608, LZPF-L9P] died in 1730 and was buried 26 February 1730 (year beginning 25 March) in Wolverhampton. The grant of administration of his estate shows that his adminstrator was his relict Sarah Lane. Therefore we know that Sarah's husband was Walter.

Children of Sarah and Walter

The following known children were baptised in Wolverhampton with parents Sarah and Walter Lane (in all cases the year begins 25 March):

There must be at least one more daughter, who was the wife of John Wood; and I would also be unsurprised to find a son Thomas – but I haven't been able to find baptism records for any further children.

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